The Cons Of Movable Cubicles

Although there are a lot of benefits to be gained from using a movable cubicle, not every storage solution is perfect and suitable for everyone. Many factors should still be considered when opting to buy a cubicle for your needs. Movable cubicle are designed specifically to achieve space optimization and give you maximum storage solution.

Check out some of the cons of buying a cubicle below:

Possibility of breaches
Movable Container

Cubicles are very durable and weather-resistant, and can protect your belongings from any common intrusion and forced entry attempts if located within a community or well-guarded facility. However, if your cubicle is located remotely and no one is checking on it, well-equipped thieves can always pry your cubicle open and or damage the sides to gain access to the things stored inside.

The insulation of cubicles cannot always protect against extreme temperatures

Although the basic insulation of cubicles make them resistant to cold and heat, it is still not enough to assure perfect protection at all times. After all, steel is a good conductor of heat and cold even if insulation is installed. Temperature-sensitive things should be stored with extra care (perhaps contain them in another well-insulated box or container before storing them inside the steel cubicle).

Converting your movable cubicle into a permanent structure is not always possible

Depending on the town or neighborhood you will be moving into, your cubicle may not be easily transformed into something you would find useful without consulting first with the town or city’s authorities. Some rules can prohibit you from using your cubicle for commercial purposes if you decide to turn it into a makeshift store or mobile food truck. Some homeowner associations also do not allow trailer homes in their area.

Transporting live animals in cubicles is prohibited

Unless you customize your cubicle with windows and HVAC systems, you’re not allowed to transport live animals inside it as doing so is considered a form of animal cruelty. Your cubicle must also be well-sealed during transport to avoid any issues on sanitation.

Transporting chemicals can be illegal

Cubicles are not suitable for transporting chemicals between cities. Cubicles may be durable and well-sealed, but they are not ideal for carrying chemicals, especially toxic and radioactive ones. Most chemicals will need more specialized containers with special insulations and carriers.

Not all cubicles are fit for shipment

Unless you bought a brand new movable cubicle, it might not pass the quality standards expected of shipment containers. Usually, old containers with worn-out steel sidings that are poorly sealed, and containers that are made of weaker materials cannot be admitted for shipment as they would not be able to withstand the pressure from stacking.

Not all cubicles are fit for customization

Usually, older cubicles with worn-out exteriors are no longer fit for housing or trucking purposes. You can use them for storage, but the materials would no longer be durable enough to withstand any alteration or add-ons.

Maximizing a cubicle’s portability could be expensive

Cubicle can be readily moved anywhere; however, they cannot move by themselves. You will need to hire your service providers for moving and transporting your cubicle. Transforming a truck into a trailer van could be more expensive than buying the cubicle.

Cubicles do not last a lifetime

A movable cubicle is made of durable materials that last for a long time, but not as long as you live. Steel corrodes over time, depending on the climate of its surroundings. If the cubicle is stored in places with extreme temperatures, it may be equipped to withstand any damage, but not for long. Shipment cubicles that are transported overseas can also be damaged through exposure to salty moisture and water.

Your cubicle’s use depends entirely on your available space

Cubicles can be moved around, but their capacity to be properly used is affected by the space they’d take up. If you do not have the space to place and use them in a functional way, you cannot enjoy your cubicles’ main purposes.

Again, it’s true that such storage solutions are remarkable in many ways, but it’d still be wise to consider these downsides before you finally invest in one.

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