Buy Drop Safes for Your Business Now

DropImagine having a trusted person keep valuables until you are available to secure and protect them. Or imagine receiving gifts anytime of the day and getting them when you find the time. Such is the idea of a drop safe in business. It provides owners a temporary secure storage that can receive deposits at any given time and may only be emptied of its contents with the proper authorization.

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners do not realize the need for drop safes until a burglary has been experienced in their store premises and unnecessary loss of money and other valuables has occurred. Although a surveillance camera is usually available to record such incidents, these are only useful to check footage of a burglary that already happened. Business owners must think about an added security measure that plays a vital role in protecting hard earned money in real time as burglary may happen at any moment.

Drop safes are ready to accept deposits at any given time of the day and will hold the said deposits until an authorized person is available to access its contents. It is basically a security guard that keeps an eye on hard earned cash when the business owner is not available and makes sure cash is not withdrawn until processed by authority. It keeps money protected not only from thieves outside but also within company premises.

The business owners need only to set a specific time in a day or designate an amount which may be left in the store premises at any given time for employees to systematically put in money at a scheduled time. These safes are built to easily receive such deposits while at the same time denying access to its contents.

Aside from the obvious reason of being able to keep valuables temporarily secure until transferred to a permanent location, there are a lot of other reasons why a drop safe is a real necessity for any business establishment nowadays.

1. Withdrawals are not allowed

With drop safes, store employees have the access to deposit money at anytime. However, once contents are put in a drop safe, only authorized personnel with the proper key or access codes are able to remove them from the safe. This is most helpful for businesses that have a lot of employees. Also for those that have a huge amount of human traffic as well as cash deliveries within the day. Once the cash accumulated becomes a huge amount to keep within company premises, a deposit can be made into the drop safe to ensure that the cash is secure.

Store owners may set an amount that can be left outside. Anything exceeding the said amount must be deposited into the drop safe for safe keeping. This can only be withdrawn when it is scheduled to be picked up for transfer to a bank at certain times of the day as determined by the store owner or manager. This also allows for added security detail to accompany the transfer of funds from the drop safe to a more secure and permanent location.

2. Thieves are discouraged

While these safes are not as secure as enclosed safes due to the required opening or chute for deposits, these safes still offer a good deal of security as it temporarily keeps funds from being easily accessible. These safes have a mechanism that hinders fishing out contents from the chute or opening. A means to better protect money deposited into the drop safe is to have a set schedule for withdrawing its contents so that it is routinely emptied and moved.

3. Added security features are available

As drop safes comes in all forms and sizes nowadays to fit certain requirements, different added security measure is also now available. A business owner has many options to choose from to add to an already necessary security detail in their place of business. There are different types of locks that offer even a wider protection option as well as alarms which may be help in informing authorities of a burglary in progress.

These safes come in varying types and in different sizes to suit specific requirements of store owners for security. Regardless of these factors, it is a given that drop safes are important for the protection of a business. It is a very good investment to save a lot of trouble in the future.

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