Choosing Funeral Services for a Peaceful Send Off

Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult and you always want to ensure that even in their last moments, they still have the best out of life. A person’s life is honored through a memorial service and there are several types of funeral services you can choose from.

The most popular funeral services are the traditional interment, graveside service, and immediate burial. Each of these services, except the immediate burial, can be customized according to your beloved’s unique personality or special last request.

Traditional funeral services have three main parts: the wake or visitation, the actual funeral service, and the burial service at the cemetery. A wake is normally held at the funeral home the night before the committal service day. The wake, or sometimes called viewing, is usually a secular tradition of displaying the departed in a casket or coffin. It can either be an open casket or a closed casket. It’s your choice to make.FuneralVisitation can stretch from one to two evenings and in some cultures, they extend the wake to a full week. Past funeral practices entail having the wake in their own home or their relative’s home. Only a handful of families observe this practice now. The beloved is dressed in his best clothes as a reflection of the life he lived. The beloved occasionally wears jewelry and other accessories but it will be taken off before the burial or cremation.

Visitors are commonly asked to sign a guestbook for the survivors’ safekeeping. The gathering room of the funeral home is adorned with flowers and photographs to remember the times. You can choose to play videos or music of the deceased if you want to honor his memory in an exceptional way.

A wake may include prayer for the departed, like in most Christian funerals. Some would include music, food and drinks while talking about fond memories. The process of mourning doesn’t have to be too gloomy. Fun and loving recollections of your departed may include some laughter as a way of remembering them.

The actual funeral service happens inside the church, the funeral home’s chapel, or any chosen sacred place by the family. Normally, the coffin is transported to the church of choice in a hearse. A clergy assigned or chosen by the family will officiate the memorial service with blessings and prayers. Eulogies from relatives and friends are delivered this day.

The opening of the casket happens before the burial as loved ones gain the last opportunity to bid their deceased goodbye. Friends and acquaintances are usually the first ones to do the “viewing” while the immediate family gets the last view.

The word “traditional” in this type of funeral shouldn’t be misinterpreted as strict adherence to funeral rules. It may be conventional, but it can always be tailored to suit your choices. You can choose to play bagpipes or his favorite music if you think it respects his memory.

Burial service is also called the graveyard funeral service. It is a simple service carried out at the graveside or sometimes, before cremation. A graveyard service may not need the chapel service and just deliver their eulogies on the tomb itself.

Immediate burial is the most minimal funeral service. The deceased is immediately transported from the place of death, or morgue, to the funeral home. This stop at the funeral is to ensure the straightforward arrangements including the procurement of a death certificate.

Direct burial doesn’t involve any service or visitation. Sometimes, immediate burial option will entail the body buried one or two days after death without any formal service. It is the most affordable funeral service offered.

Because of the exclusion of the whole memorial service, including pre-funeral activities, a lot of cost is chunked off. Caskets are much simpler and embalming is no longer needed. A short ceremony of prayer and remembrance may be said at the graveside and if you want a memorial service or a gathering, you can always do it after the burial.

Funeral services give you the chance to have a proper, memorable and heartfelt farewell to your dearly beloved. Honoring their death is honoring their gift of life.

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