The Different Types of Promotional Lanyards

A lanyard is a cord or rope, normally worn around the neck, wrist or shoulder to carry an object. It is used to make sure that the object is visible at all times. Lanyards are available in different braid patterns and color combinations. It is commonly worn on the shoulders of military uniforms to show the wearer’s regimental affiliation or qualification. Most wore the lanyard on the left, which enabled them to pull a whistle from the left tunic pocket for the sake of communicating with the troop. These days, a lanyard is used for promotional purposes.

Promotional Lanyards

The goal of using a lanyard is to help companies promote while providing functionality to the receiver. The lanyard is labeled based on the attachment it has, like swivel hooks, safety buckles, badge clip or key ring. The actual strap is made of various types of material. You can choose from nylon, cotton and polyester. These materials keep you comfortable as you wear your lanyard around your neck.

Badge Clip

Organizations and corporations use badge clip attachments for promotional lanyard. They use this attachment to display visitors or employee badges. Using a lanyard with a badge clip lets security personnel and others to identify visitors and employees easily.
Swivel Hook

The hook enables attachment to swivel around the lanyard attachment. A clasp that holds a set of keys or corporate employee badge is attached to the lanyard via a swivel mechanism. It can be metal or plastic and has a part that can be pushed inward to remove the badges, keys and other attachments from the hook.

Key Ring

Another popular type of a promotional lanyard is the lanyard with key ring attachments. These lanyards hold keys and can be used as giveaways during special events. A lanyard with key ring is perfect for employees with access to building keys and can likewise be ideal for college promotions for new dormitory tenants.

Safety Breakaway Buckles

There are several types of attachments available for the promotional lanyard. Some of which include double attachments and safety breakaway buckles, where several attachments are provided for different purposes. Breakaway buckles help those facing dangerous situations break free of the lanyard and prevent possible harm or injury, such as if a machine or an individual captures the items connected to the lanyard by the attachment.

Available Colors for Lanyard

These lanyards are available in many colors. The popular colors include red, black and blue. Others are available in yellow, brown and white. The imprint colors used for promotional purposes usually match the corporate colors, company’s logo or compliment the selection of lanyard color. Others may prefer to purchase it in colors that will blend with the occasions or events like cancer related fundraisers.

Imprints are normally done in what is known as a repeat pattern along the length of the strap. This implies that the chosen slogan, logo or other text printed at equal distances along the whole strap. Some lanyards may have several logos like those for sponsorships of charity events, in which the logos are repeated along the length of the strap.

Where to Purchase Your Promotional Lanyard?

The best place to purchase your promotional lanyard is online. Most online stores offer promotional lanyards at a discounted price. Before making a purchase make sure that all your conditions are met. Some online retailers may offer the products a little bit higher than others. List down 4 to 5 online stores, and then compare their prices. This will help you decide which company will provide a quality lanyard at reasonable price. Some offer higher discounts for those who order in bulk.

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Survival Tips Using Logo Lanyards

It’s that accident that everyone’s afraid of. Maybe a big earthquake caused your building to collapse, or some technical errors made your plane crash. Never mind the situation; the truth is, you’re alone and you need to survive and get saved. If you have a bunch of logo lanyards around, then these may help do that job. More about Logo Lanyard is given at

Attract Attention

Most logo lanyards are long, thick, and (most especially) colorful. Color is one of the main means by which people’s attention can be drawn.

If you get stuck under a collapsed building after an earthquake, you may use the lanyards to widen your radius of getting found. Search and rescue missions need as much clues as they can to find the positions of victims. Place those lanyards within shouting distance from you and keep an open ear. The lanyard colors would likely stand out from the grey tones of concrete and dust. If you feel like someone’s seen it, shout with all your might.

If your plane crashes and, for some bizarre reason, you found a crate of lanyards lying about, you could use these to create signs to be seen from above by passing airplanes. Create large SOS or HELP signs on the beach or mountain side.

If you find yourself within a forest, cut up these lanyards into smaller ribbons, find a body of water, and mark your path every few minutes. This ensures that you won’t be going around in circles. Once you find that body of water, try to follow it. Most rivers lead to either an ocean or a town, where it is more likely for you to be saved.

Hiking Aides

LanyardsGetting into an accident may sometimes entail having to rough it. Any hiker knows the importance of having ropes during these instances. Lanyards can do as an alternative, especially when braided together. As stated earlier, you have to mark your trail. Aside from the assurance that you’re not going in circles, this could help any other survivors find help through your marks. Since lanyards can be used as ropes, they can be used to pull things from branches, or help you climb down a cliff, if need be. You just need to have a lot of lanyards and tie them securely to each other.

Keep Your Stuff Together

If your ship is sinking, then you need prepare to keep as much of your stuff and survival paraphernalia together. In this case, having ropes of some sort can be very essential. Lanyards can do the trick. If you can’t swim, put on your life vest as early as possible to prevent stress later on. Make sure you have your survival kit containing cans of food and bottles of water. Include personal belongings, like IDs, wallets, medicines, and a phone. Rope all of these together so that when your ship sinks, your stuff won’t sink with it or float away from you. Once you’re more stable, try to catch a signal. This indicates that you’re close to civilization.

It Identifies You

When all is lost, however, you are faced with the decision to just accept death. Some accidents can be very severe and result in loss of hope on your part. The logo lanyards can carry your IDs and company affiliation. When rescuers find your body, they won’t have a difficult time identifying who you are. After all, you wouldn’t want your remains to be mistaken for somebody else’s and given to a different family, right?

Having these long, tough, colorful materials called logo lanyards can help you survive through accidents. You could maximize their eye catching colors and designs to help others pinpoint your location. Or, you could use their length as alternative to ropes.

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Ancient and modern worlds combine with the custom patches of today

Recently, technology has made great strides in changing the way we create custom embroidered patches.

Embroidery emerged as one of the most renowned forms of art in the world. It is the art of fabric decoration using only needles and threads. This form of art has been in existence for thousands of years, taking its roots in a lot of ancient civilizations, from the Babylonians, Phoenicians, and Egyptians.

Embroidered Patches

Even with the passing of time, the popularity of embroidery has never diminished. Even today, many people are still enamoured by the peaceful and beautiful process of weaving patterns into beautiful art forms which can be used for many different purposes.

One of the most significant works of embroidery is the Bayeux Tapestry, which is a large embroidered cloth measuring 230 feet long. This tapestry depicts the Battle of Hastings, which took place originally in 1066. The cloth came into the attention of the public when it was first mentioned in the mid 1400s.

For a long span of its history, embroidery was considered to be a luxury item. It was never possible for the poor to afford tapestries of their own. Eventually, due to its status as a luxury item, it came to symbolize wealth and prosperity. This was the custom which embroidery was used to until the coming of the Industrial Revolution, which basically democratized the art of embroidery and made it finally affordable for even the poor to purchase. The use of human hands became less needed as machines eventually took over, creating extraordinary designs of patches which were impossible to create if humans were in charge.

One of the first commercial embroidery machines was created in Switzerland during the middle of the 19th century.

The first practical shuttle embroidery machine was invented by Isaak Groebli, and eventually became known as Schiffli looms, or “little boats”, a comparison made with the shape of boats to the shape of the machine. Today, Switzerland is still the primary producer of equipment for embroidery, in addition to other powerful nations such as China, Germany, and the United States.

During the 1950s, the system of creating embroidery became even more automated, as the use of a paper tape that will determine the pattern to be created by the embroidery machines was utilized. Since then, the pace of technological advancement has significantly increased, and with that, the development of machines designed to create embroidery also experienced dramatic changes and improvements in such a short time, to an extent that now, they can produce high quality embroidery products with custom embroidered patches. Today it is possible to create your design through the use of a computer, and even make changes to it using the computer as well.

Stitching is not the only thing that is precise regarding embroidery. Cutters which were carefully placed are put in order to let the backing material be cut into any shape you want. Whatever the shape will be, it will determine the type of sew that will be used on the border of the patches, whether it will be a heat-sealed hot cut border, or a traditional sewn border.
The merrowed or traditional look provides a wrapped look to the border. On the other hand, hot cut borders are used for patches that are custom-shaped. The batches of patch which will be created can be merged with other clothing by sewing them together, or they may also be equipped with iron-on backing, or with a Velcro.

Another great thing about the embroidered patch is that it does not fade away as time flies. This is unlike silk screen designs that eventually lose their color. In addition, a custom embroidered patch also lasts much longer.

As of late, innovation has made awesome steps in changing the way we make specially embroidery products.

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