What’s the main difference between 95% of the startup founders and successful entrepreneurs? The latter understand their customers better than anyone else. How did they develop such skill? These entrepreneurs have spent years growing strong relationships with their customers. Thus, they are far more likely to understand market needs.
Developing a relationship with your customers is just as important as building your product, if not more. So, what’s your marketing strategy to attract people to you? How are you going to turn complete strangers into true fans ready to buy your product even before it’s ready? Here’s what you’re going to learn in this book.
  • Create the right marketing plan to attract potential customers to you.
  • Identify customers’ needs better by getting them to participate in the making of the product.
  • Make your first sale even before your product is ready by organizing successful pre-order sessions.
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Who is this book for?

You work on your idea for several weeks…

You have matured a brilliant idea in your head for several months. It is now time to start your project. However, when you begin working concretely on your startup, you realize that things are not as easy as expected. How can I start getting traction? What’s the best strategy to attract potential customers to your website? How are you going to get your early-adopters? How can you engage strangers and turn them into fans ready to buy your product? By the way, are you sure that your idea is the best one? You would appreciate to be guided in order to be build strong foundations for your online business.

Content of the book

Chapter 0: Introduction to the fundamentals of startups 

  • Working with the right methodology: selling your product before building it
  • Understanding the importance of building your own community

Chapter 1: Turning your idea into a plan that works

  • Pinpointing the 4 most important components of your project
  • Defining the right market for your idea
  • Visualizing your market better by working on your customer persona
  • Creating a meaningful impact by defining your perfect mission statement
  • Working on making your idea (even more) unique
  • Explaining clearly what you want to sell
  • Crafting the right marketing message to attract customers

Chapter 2: Reaching existing communities to validate your idea

  • Finding potential customers to interview
  • Asking the right questions to customers to quickly understand their needs
  • Assessing if you are building a solution for the right needs

Chapter 3: Building and growing your community of potential customers

  • Attracting customers to your website
  • Optimizing your landing page to make your visitors more willing to subscribe
  • Choosing the right platform to host your community
  • Building trust, highlighting your expertise and nurturing the connection with your customers
  • Creating participation and engagement in your community

Chapter 4: Understanding your community’s needs deeper to prepare for the first sale

  • Leveraging several ways to get deeper feedback from community members
  • Creating your first MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

Chapter 5: Launching and selling your product to the community

  • Boosting your offer by adding services to your main product
  • Defining the right pricing model for your offer
  • Creating your launching plan
  • Building excitement and urgency to avoid missing sales

About the author

  • Thomas is one of those rare people who is insightful, fun, and incredibly generous. He successfully applies Lean Startup practices to his own business and helps entrepreneurs worldwide do the same. I regularly refer entrepreneurs to read his fantastic blog and to contact him for help. He has helped build my company - and he can help you as well.

  • It was great to have an opportunity to run my idea by Thomas for feedback. He was both candid in his view and also very open with the resources he had access to, openly willing to make introductions to others that might be interested in leveraging the new product I'm working on.

  • Understanding what Thomas does was really important for me, as I'm a community builder as well. Still, I think it needed a push and Thomas was the right person to speak with. He let me see my community on a broader scale and gave some great tips of how to grow it. Talk to Thomas if you want to grow your community!


Hi, I am Thomas Pichon, a nomad entrepreneur. I travel the world and meet new startup founders everyday, offline as well as online, and work with them in order to turn their idea into a sustainable business. I launched “The Collaborative Startup” in order to teach how to grow businesses that work hand in hand with their communities. I gathered all this knowledge in my new book “Mastering Marketing For Startups”. Previously, I launched several startups in various industries, such as SaaS products (collaboration software, e-marketing solution) and even a cooking utensils business. I also helped large organizations to launch successful products (Orange, Danone, Samsung…) by collaborating with their communities. Now, I look forward to helping you too!

Option 1: The Complete Package

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  • The book (PDF) to learn how to create your startup marketing strategy from scratch
  • 23 exclusive videos to get a deeper understanding
  • 2 private calls with the author to customize your action plan
  • Access to our community forum to get answers on your specific issues
  • Monthly private webinars to learn with other readers
In addition to the book and videos, I’m offering individual feedback and consultation. Here’s how we would work together to grow your business: You will have access to all the content (book + videos). During that time, we have a first call: I take time to learn more about your business, what you are trying to achieve and plan specific actions according to your situation. A few weeks later, we have another call together on Skype or Google Hangouts to follow up. I give you my feedback, advice and talk about your progress.

You have access to our community where other entrepreneurs can help you by sharing their feedback and connecting you with relevant people in their network. You can ask any questions related to your business on the forum (from myself or other entrepreneurs). You can also reach me by email if needed and again I guarantee you an answer.

Then, we will get on a group call —with other people who have purchased this package—and spend time with each individual´s project. This means you can again learn from the direct feedback on your plan, but also from the advice given to the other participants on the call. (I’ll offer two different times so that you can choose the one that best fits your schedule.)

Option 2: The Book + The Videos

PRICE: $19

  • The book (PDF) to learn how to build your startup marketing strategy from scratch
  • 23 videos to get the author’s best advice
  • Access to our community forum to share your concerns with peers
  • Monthly private webinar to meet other budding entrepreneurs from all over the world
In addition to the content, you have access to our private community where other entrepreneurs can help you, by sharing their feedback and connecting you with relevant people. You can ask any questions related to your business and I guarantee an answer (from myself or other entrepreneurs).

Then, we will get on group calls —with the other participants who have purchased this package—and spend time with each individual´s project. This means you can learn from the direct feedback on your plan, but also from the advice given to the other people on the call. (We will offer two different times so that you can choose the one that best fits your schedule.)

Option 3: The Book


  • The book (PDF) to learn how to build your startup marketing strategy from scratch
  • Access to our community forum to find the best answers for your project
  • 1 private webinar to elaborate on your specific issues
This is the self-service package. You get the entire methodology in the book, work by yourself and connect to our community to find help.

Then, you can join one of our private webinars where we’ll discuss with other entrepreneurs who have also read the book. We’ll take time to answer each person’ questions and share our best tips and advice on how to grow a successful business effectively leveraging the power of communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work for my product?

Good question! From SaaS products to yoga services, I have used this methodology to build my last online ventures. I share it with entrepreneurs from all around the world for projects such as iPhone apps, social networks, online courses, music production… I don’t mind giving you a refund if for any reason you believe the methodology cannot be used for your product.

When do I have my calls with you?

We’ll have all our conversations during the 3 months after your purchase. Of course, you have lifetime access to the content, the video and the community.

What format is the content in?

It is text and videos. The book is a PDF file. I have added some exclusive videos hosted privately on YouTube to provide tips about specific topics. You’ll get access to them as soon as the payment is proceed.

Which package should I buy?

That mostly depends on your budget. Obviously the complete package (“Option 1”) is the best because we spend time together to customize your marketing plan according to your context. The book by itself is full tactics and ideas that will completely change your startup process, but require that you work more by yourself.

Do you offer refunds?

Of course! If you aren’t satisfied with the course, just write within 15 days and I’ll refund your money. I will ask what you didn’t like in order to improve the course. (Although your answer is not compulsory in order to get a refund.)

Where can I learn more about you?

I wrote dozens of posts on my blog covering startup advice and community development. Go read through the archives to learn more about my methods and past projects.

How can I contact you for more information?

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  • The Book
    • The Book
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